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About Us

The Parent Support Group (PSG) provides parents opportunities to work hand-in-hand with the school to support their children in their education journey. Such parental involvement has a positive impact on a child’s overall development. Hence the Yu Neng PSG was formed in 2010.  The Group is led by an Executive Committee (Exco) that collaborates closely with the school’s Strategic Thrust 4 Committee (ST4) in ensuring plans and initiatives are well-aligned to the PSG Mission and Objectives. 


In November 2016, the fathers’ arm of the YNPSG was set up. Known as the Yu Neng Super Dads, their aim is to promote greater father-child engagement, in line with the nation-wide Dads For Life movement.  


Our Mission

To establish and nurture a close relationship with members of the school and fellow parents and create the best possible holistic learning environment for our children


Our Objectives

To strive towards the 3Cs:

  1. Collaboration– Fostering meaningful partnerships with teachers through closer collaboration on school programmes and activities to attain the desired benefits for our children.
  2. Connect– Creating opportunities for fellowship, mutual learning and sharing amongst parents, developing a trusting and understanding relationship with members of the school and supporting the emotional wellbeing of our children by connecting positively with them. 
  3. Co-Create – working hand-in-hand with the school to create new and engaging learning experiences through leveraging on the diverse skills, talents and ideas that our parents can share.  

PSG logo

Our Logo

Metaphorically speaking, our PSG as a whole is rather like an engine. The cogs that drive this engine are the different teams and the hands, that of all our parent members working together as one. Using the three dominant colours in the Yu Neng branding, the cogs are continuously moving, representing the dynamics of a continuous collaboration with the school whilst embracing a culture with heart as reflected by the 3 cogs being positioned in the shape of a heart.

Design concept by Elliot Townson, PSG Exco Member

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