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To nurture confident communicator and inculcate the love for Chinese culture.


  • Imbue a love for Chinese language.
  • Create an environment conducive for the learning of the language.
  • Nurture pupils who can read, interact and write with proficiency



Chinese Reading Programme

The Chinese Reading Programme aims to cultivate pupils’ interest in reading and expose them to books of different genres. Pupils will buy a Chinese story book at the beginning of the year (order by the school, pay with Edusave). Pupils will exchange story books with classmates weekly or fortnightly. They have to record the titles of the books read on the reading card issued. In order to motivate them to read more books, prizes will be given to pupils who meet the reading targets at the end of Term 1, Term 2 & Term 3.

Parents can help to ensure that your child take good care of the books & encourage them by reading with them.


Immersion Programme

As part of the school’s internationalisation programme, the CL Dept will be organising a 6 Days overseas Immersion Trip during 21-26 June (tentative) for selected Primary 5 pupils.

The aim of the programme is to stimulate and enhance the pupils’ interest in the learning of Chinese Language and culture as well as provide an opportunity for the pupils to learn to be independent. The 6-day programme includes the immersion programme at local schools, cultural enrichment activities and visits to Chinese Heritage site.

More details will be shared at later date.


P3 Cultural Camp (三年级文化营)

To induce a love for the Chinese language and culture, the P3 cultural camp will be organised during 1st week of June holiday. P3 students were lined up for an array of interesting activities during the June holidays.

More details will be shared at later date.


P4 Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

Yu Neng Primary School took part in the Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES) organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL). It aims to expose students to Chinese language-related cultural performances and programme by local and foreign bodies. Details of 2017 CPES programme will be available at a later date.

P5 Broadcast Journalism Enrichment

To nature passionate learners in Chinese language and develop confident communicator, P5 Chinese Broadcast Journalism enrichment lesson will be conducted in Term 3. At the end of the course, pupils will learn concept of news, reporter etiquette, interview techniques and make a news report to cover NE show.

Mother Tongue Fortnight (MTFN) Activities

MTFN activities were carried out from 23 Jan to 3 Feb. This year’s highlight is outdoor games such as linked rings puzzle, Hua Rong Path, Pitch-pot, Diabolo, Sepak Takraw, Batu Seremban, Chapten etc. Pupils also have hands-on activities such as Batik painting, Kompang, Chinese painting, opera face painting, clay sculpture etc.

opera face 2     bamboo


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