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  • Every Child and Every Teacher A Creative Problem Solver


  • To develop confidence, enjoyment and motivation in the learning of Math
  • To develop skills in communicating mathematical ideas & arguments precisely, concisely & logically
  • To develop creative and critical thinkers who will be able to solve problems in assessments and in life.


P1 and P2

  • Enhanced Learning Support for Mathematics
  • MRt @ Yu Neng
  • M*STAR (P2)

P3 and P4

  • M*STAR
  • KooBits Online
  • P3 Chess Programme
  • P4 E2K Programme
  • P4 Calculator Workshop

P5 and P6

  • M*STAR
  • Timed Trials
  • P5 Koobits Online
  • Math Olympiad Training (selected pupils)
  • P5 Kite Construction Programme
  • Programme for Enhanced Performance (All P6 pupils)
  • Math Seminar (All P6 pupils during June holidays)

MRt @ Yu Neng

MRt @ Yu Neng is a technology-driven pedagogy that engages our digital natives in the lower primary in learning Maths. It capitalizes on the use of technology to enhance pupils’ mathematical thinking to promote the reflective aspect of Maths learning as well as promote communication, CoL and SDL.

Through suitably designed tasks, MRt @ Yu Neng involves pupils’ to interpret, discuss, illustrate, explain and evaluate mathematical ideas and experiences in doing mathematical problem solving.


P4 E2K Programme

In 2014, the GE Branch piloted the Excellence 2000 (E2K) Mathematics Programme that was developed by Israel Centre for Excellence through Education (ICEE) in a few schools.

The E2K Mathematics Programme is a Mathematics enrichment programme for upper primary high progress pupils who demonstrate interest and ability in Mathematics. It aims to foster independence in mathematical thinking skills, as well as nurture other important 21st century competencies such as resilience and resourcefulness, critical and inventive thinking, and effective communication skills.

In 2017, Yu Neng Primary School embarked on the E2K Mathematics Programme for our P4 high-progress students in Mathematics

Learning @ Math Corner

The Math Corner is designed to be an inviting and enriched learning environment to develop passionate learners and creative thinkers. The Math Corner is bustling with activities on every Monday, Thursday and Friday during both recesses to engage pupils in brain stimulating games and puzzles, fostering the joy in learning Mathematics and to develop their confidence.

A week that is fun-filled with Math activities during recess. Pupils get to explore and learn more about Mathematics through games and play!

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