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Boy & Girl Scouts (Wolverine Cub Scouts)

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The boy/girl who joins the Yu Neng Scouts Group embodies the Desired Outcomes of a Wolverine Cub. He/she has a good balance of both the Scout Values and Yu Neng values upon graduation. He / she will be able to distinguish from right and wrong, be able to co-operate, share and care for others and at the same time, tries his / her best at all times.

He/she will be equipped with Scouts Values such as Be Prepared and he/she will be a disciplined boy ready to take responsibility for their own learning. Equipped with the essential SEL skills in Personal Development, He/she will be able to recognize one’s emotion and understand the relationship between thoughts and emotions. He / she will have the opportunity to showcase his/her talent both in leadership qualities and aesthetic aspects such as percussion performance. A Wolverine Cub is readily serving the community with compassion. In lieu with our School Values, he/she will be able to serve the community from three main groups mainly the children group, the elderly group and the neighbourhood around Yu Neng Primary School.

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